Over the teaching period students have completed four workshops on the following four frameworks. Students are required to write up reports on two (2) of the workshop based activities. These are designed to assess student understanding of the core principles and theories of the course. It also assesses student ability to apply associated analytical frameworks – as taught and discussed in this course.
Students are to choose two of the following tools/frameworks which have been discussed and worked on in class, and are required to write up a 1,000 word report for each of the two workshops using the following format:

1). Value Chain
2). BCG Matrix


Part A Description of Framework (300 words per framework)
Students are to write a description on each of the frameworks focusing on how, where and when it is appropriate to use the frameworks to analyse existing competitive strategy? What are the insights that are revealed from the use of the framework chosen?

Part B Application of Case (600 words per framework)
Using one case for each framework used in the tutorial class, apply the framework to the case to analyse the relevant strategic imperatives for that particular company. A diagram or table must be provided as part of the report integrating the company case details.
Part C Recommendations (100 words per framework)
Write a brief recommendation for the future strategic direction of the company based on the analysis of the framework used.
Cases covered in the class can be used or other companies the student is familiar with. No references are required. Use a report format with headings and sub headings. Diagrams, tables and charts are to be used.

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