This essay will draw on those same techniques to construct complex, sophisticated, and well thought-out arguments pertaining to a specific topic. For this essay, topics must be related to (or based upon) readings from the Work in the 21st Century chapter in WARAC. You will research and evaluate materials to help argue for a particular position, solution to a problem, or cause behind a certain trend or phenomenon. In addition, you will be required to use research to connect and support your argument, as well as forward the discussion on your topic.

The Assignment
Using one of a select varieties of argument styles, as well as some of the readings from the Work in the 21st Century chapter from WARAC, you will write a 4-5 page essay, using 3-5 sources (at least 1 of which must come from the Work in the 21st Century chapter), to successfully and thoroughly detail a specific argument. While it may seem like your topic choices are limited, I assure you they are not – they must simply relate to the chapter material at hand. You must also address and respond to at least one opposing argument in your essay. The basics of including opposing views/voices into your essay will be covered in class.

Topic Selection: Where to Begin?

As indicated earlier, it may seem like your topics are extremely limited, but topic selection not as limited as it may seem. You can very easily take some current events and fit them into the discussion from class and WARAC. The truth is – as we’ll find out from the WARAC readings and class discussion – most of the issues we deal with have something to do with the Work in the 21st Century chapter, even if it is an indirect connection. These following questions my help guide you in topic selection:
• In what way does this topic talk about or connect with work and/or economy in America?
• Are there any sort of legal issues, cultural conflicts, or power struggles between individuals or groups within this topic?
• How does this issue relate to me, and what are my thoughts on how current economic and working conditions play into this topic?
The object of topic selection here is to find some way to connect a topic of your choosing to the articles from WARAC and the class discussions we will have. Make sure to record or document your connection in some way – it will make it easier to translate that connection into writing for the essay

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