A. Over extension of the German Army

1. More than one front.

2. Logistics supply line

3. Logistics industrial

– German Panzer divisions not use to fight in urban conditions especially in a city, which got destroyed by the artillery and the air force.

– Russian troops use to cold weather, German troops not well equipped for winter because the operation was suppose to last only summer.

B. Development on the Japanese war front

-1 Stalin receives intelligence that Japan won’t attack the eastern territories.

– Japan in war against America.

– Priority of Japan securing the pacific

– Japan not having enough resources to do an attack on Russia.

-2 Troops and tanks secretly transported from the east.

C. Differing leadership style between Russia and Germany

1. Hitler Style

-1Hitler not being decisive by changing his mind at multiple times

-2 Hitler making himself overall commander of the armies in the Caucasus

-3 Hitler not listening to any advice from his Generals

4. Stalin Style

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