Research this topic and provide an answer to the question as a report. (2500 words with some leeway for symbols and charts)

The research that you will undertake should include the following, which will be specifically considered when assessed:

1. A data collection process or example illustrating the point of study.

2. Preliminary organisation and Presentation of data.

3. Statistical analysis, examples of descriptive and inferential components or mathematical reasoning.

4. Discussion and consideration of assumptions, confounding variables and controls, potential problems with the analysis entails and how you overcame them or could overcome them in future. In so far as this applies to the research that you did or methods that you studied.

5. Examples of methods of analysis that are considered and discussed.

6. The question should ultimately be answered using analytical and statistical tools and reasoning (not persuasive argument).

Your report should include (as appropriate) information about:

1. The big questions. Make it clear what they are and how you go about answering them.

2. Statistical methods with worked examples.

3.How a statistical tool was used.

4.Both Descriptive and Inferential Information.

5.Discoveries and Recommendations.


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