Problem Statement
One of the problems faced by employers is the availability of unrestricted Pornography on the Internet, which poses a risk in the workplace. And as employers respond to this problem by installing software that will monitor what their employees do online, their privacy is infringed upon.

Draft Research Question
In what way does emotional intelligence help bridge the gap between monitoring what employees do online and their privacy.

Use the above to answer the following questions’

1. What methodology would you propose to test your research question and why this is the best one?
2. List 1- to 2-potential theoretical foundations and/or conceptual frameworks that may guide your study. State the key concepts of the theory and how they are related. For conceptual framework, describe the particular “lens” this framework offers for your study (Provide citation)
3. Identify at least 1 potential gap in empirical research
4. Identify at least 1 assumption, limitation, and delimitation pertaining to the proposed methodology
5. Identify one strategy for controlling and managing bias in your research.
6. Attach a brief outline that describes the flow of your intended literature review. (Describe one logical fallacy and how you will guard against this in your own writing. Provide search engine and list library search terms
7. Write 1 paragraph that provides a synthesis of at least 3 articles that approach your topic from different perspectives (use empirical articles)
8. What implications will your study have on future research?
9. What contributions will your research make to the discipline and society?
Note: Social change implications are expressed in terms of tangible improvements to individuals, communities, organizations, institutions, cultures, or societies.

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