1. Briefly describe the market in which DealMax is operating. Do you think this is an attractive market to be in? Why or why not? [10 points]
2. What value proposition does DealMax offer to its customers? [10 points]
3. One of DealMax’s key competitors is Mozo (www.mozo.com.au). How do the business models of DealMax and Mozo differ? Which business model do you think is superior? Give reasons for your view. [10 points]
4. Can the market in which DealMax operates be considered to be a “winner-takes-all” market? Why or why not? [10 points]
5. Do you think DealMax would be an attractive company for an acquirer to purchase in a trade sale? Name some companies (at least 2) that you think could be potential acquirers of DealMax, along with the rationale for each acquirer. [10 points]

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