Search literature (articles formally published in journals or books) to review the general concept of triple bottom lines (TBL). The review should include at least 10 references (not web links).
•Describe the relationship of TBL with sustainable development principles (SD), and its key themes as well as key questions in the lecture notes.
•Discuss the significance of TBL in sustainable development (accountability, measurability, benchmarking and others)
•Discuss the significance of TBL in sustainable construction (SC).
•TBL reporting exercise based on Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI) Assuming you’re the head of sustainability in a global construction company across many countries and asked to apply GRI and TBL concept to report the sustainable development status of your company, which should include
•Introduce company profiles, for example, names, locations, business etc.
•Complete reporting on:
•Strategies and analysis
•Organisational profile
•Reporting parameters
•Governance, commitments and engagement
•Management approach (notes: Explain what and why those content, boundary, and indicators are established for your reporting; Relevant GRI introduction can be found in the learning materials).
•Discuss challenges and issues in reporting sustainability

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