Write a 4 page essay on the book “The Welfare State Nobody Knows” by Christopher Howard. IBSN: 978-0-691-13833-6. In this essay answer the following questions.

1. What is the primary point (or points) that the author makes (or tries to make)?

2. What method or approach does the author use in making his or her assertions or stating his or her findings?

3. Is the method or approach used appropriate in terms of being a reasonable means for connecting cause and effect in his or her assertions or findings? Might a different method or approach have produced a different result?

4. Do you agree or disagree with the assertions or findings? This can be in whole or in part. For instance, you might agree with an author’s assertion about one aspect of the topic, but disagree with another. Thus, you would write about both the areas where you support the author’s findings or assertions and where you do not.

5. What contribution, if any, does this work make to the body of knowledge in public policy or a specific area of public policy (e.g., education, health, income security, etc.)?

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