Provide an academically informed, essay response to the following issues:
(I) What are the principal differences between event policy and event management?
(II) What developments over the last two decades have enhanced the status of event management as a profession?
(III) Explain why it is important to consider event policy perspectives across international territories.

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2. Getz, D. (2007) Event studies: therory, research and policy for planned events
3. Hall, C. M. and Rusher, K. (2004) ‘Politics, public policy and the destination’
4. Getz, D. (2009) Establishment of an event evaluation network
5. Jafari, J. (1990) Research and scholarship: the basis of tourism education
6. Macbeth, J. (2005) Towards an ethics platform for tourism
7. Ryan-Douglas, M. and Gregory, S.(2009) Not all politics are local: exploring the role of Meetings and Events coordinators in the political arena

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