Throughout the science and theology debate, no subject has created more controversy than the biblical flood. Scholars from a myriad of disciplines in natural science, argue that geological evidence gleaned from flood sediments either show that the earth is young (6,000-10,000 years old) or billions of years old, depending on one’s interpretation.
To develop an understanding of flood geology, and for one to become familiar with the different views used to interpret the flood, including how the flood impacts on your understanding of a young or old earth, and how scripture is interpreted on the subject.

• Consider and evaluate the various interpretive models on flood geology.
• Discuss the history of flood geology, including how the early Church Fathers interpreted the event and what impact the Mesopotamia writings such as those found in the Epic of Gilgamesh and Sumerian flood stories have had on a Christian understanding of the event.
• Thoroughly evaluate the data from natural science, and include how one should interpret scriptural references to the flood in the light of this data.
• Based on the evidence assembled from science and scripture, explain how the flood impacts on your understanding of a young or old earth.
• Argue for or against a worldwide or local flood.

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