The report focus on the following tasks:
1) Analyse the market situation of Depaul UK and the charities sector by undertaking a context analysis, quoting sources,which should include the following: the customers context, the business context, the internal context and the external context
2) write up to five new marketing communications objectives for depaul uk. ensure that these are SMART and are focused on the next year. Longer-term objectives may be discussed, but the focus should be on the next year
3)provide detail as to the nature of the communications strategy( push/pull/profile)
4)provide a dtailed description of the target audience for your campaign
5) identify what the key messages will be for the campaign
6) provide details of the marketing tools to be included in the campaign, discussing the advantages/disadvantages of each together with a justification for each
7) provide a detailed media schedule of your use of communications tools for the period April 2016- March 2017, include sourced media costs and a budget summary

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