How are the recent terrorist attacks in Paris impacting the international community’s attempts to develop multilateral solutions to the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis?
Please include the following aspects:
1. Address the impacts caused by the attacks in Paris. Talk about the European Union’s response to refugee problem after the attack. Compare the before-attack and after-attack difference. For example, before the attacks, the European countries were willing to accept certain number of refugees. After the attack, France stopped taking refugees because of potential  security problems.

2. Talk about United Nation’s definition on what is refugee.
3. Talk about the United States’ actions on refugee problem. The US needs to cooperate with other countries to solve the issue.
4. Use the following concepts: Nationalism, Multilateralism, Clash of civilizations. Make historical connection to 9/11 and other terrorism events.
5. What would be the solution to tackle this issue after the attack. Had the solution changed because of the attack?

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