Going to Extremes

9-1. Compare and contrast Antarctic oceanic waters to Arctic oceanic waters? Which calves more icebergs and why?

9-2.  Research a polar explorer and briefly summarize his/her contribution to the field of marine science:

9-3.  Compar and contrast a coral reef ecosystem to a tropical rainforest. Do you see more similarities or more differences?

 9-4.   Describe the role of zooxanthellae to the coral animal.

9-5 What  factors are the cause of coral bleaching?


Something in the Air

10-1.  What is a monsoon, do we experience monsoons in the continental United states? Why or why not?

10-2.  How are prevailing winds and currents named differently?

10-3.  What is pleuston versus neuston (hint : find information on Physalia and Vellella) – What is Halobates considered?

10-4. Name three factors responsible for the three wind bands in each hemisphere.

10 – 5.   What ocean conditions are the most dangerous for coastal dwellers when a hurricane makes landfall?

Going with the Flow

11-1. Describe the difference between surface currents and deeper water currents.

11- 2. What is the fastest moving current in the world?  

 How might an ocean current effect a nations economy?

11-4. What is El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO

11- 5. What is upwelling? Is there a difference between coastal and oceanic upwelling?

 Deep Connections
12- 1 What is  a geostrophic  flow and how does it effect the ocean?

12- 2. Describe some items that have been used to study deep ocean circulation.

12- 3.  What was the most powerful Atlantic hurricane ever measured – Wilma, Rita or Katrina (Chapter 8) how do these compare with the 2009 hurricane season?

12-4. What does it mean to say the ocean currents act like a giant conveyor belt ?

12-5. How is climate change tied to ocean currents?  


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