Over the past decade, research studies on motivation have provided insights into the roles of extrinsic and intrinsic factors as motivators. One of the more interesting results reported in these studies is that humans can be significantly more driven to perform at a higher level by non-incentivized rewards, suggesting that higher performance can be expected for subjects who are intrinsically motivated.

In this project, you will locate three primary research articles that examine the differential effects of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Then follow the assignment directions below. All three articles should have been published after 2000. Example keywords for your literature search might be: motivation, intrinsic motivation, extrinsic motivation, reward, and human.

Assignment directions:

1. Analyze and summarize the findings in the articles regarding the relative importance of intrinsic versus extrinsic motivation

2. In your own words, briefly describe the research methods used in each of the three articles you obtained. Remember to compare and contrast methods across all three papers. How are they similar and how are they different?

3. For each research article, do the following:
• Discuss the kind of data collected, how it was collected, and how it was presented (graphical or table format).
• Explain which aspects of the data best support the conclusions of the author.
• Provide at least one representative graph or table that best reflects the conclusions drawn by the author(s). Describe the findings in this graph or table.
4. For each “person” in each scenario below, assess and discuss each situation for (a) possible intrinsic versus extrinsic motivators, (b) possible emotions that might be present in the scenario, and (c) the possible motivation for the behavior from an evolutionary perspective.
• Storeowner: A storeowner knowingly lies about the winning lottery numbers to a customer who has a winning lottery ticket. The store owner stealthily pockets the customer’s lottery ticket.
• Mother: Following an earthquake, a mother hurriedly writes a note and pins it to her baby’s clothing. The note declares her love for the child. She then places her body between her baby and the falling debris from the ceiling.
• Nurse: A nurse volunteers to travel to a flood and earthquake-prone place for 30 days to help with a recent disaster that has crippled that region of the world. She is receiving no compensation for the work and is leaving her spouse and two children behind.

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