-The need for core competencies in disaster nursing is overwhelming. Review the literature and discuss the competing issues of competencies, expanded scope of practice and ethical practice and the ability to respond. Please see the pdf attachment and do the literature review from that pdf and also please use other good articles to do this assignment.

-Look to the guide instruction for this assignment:


Provides a brief preview of what is intended to discuss in the main body of the essay, defines the topic and main terms. Gives a general statement of intention.


Use of headings/sub headings

paragraphing, grammar, spelling.

Main Body Considers the main discussion areas to be included (5)

Logical build up of the relevant content (5)

Alternative viewpoints/arguments taken into consideration (5)

Properly and adequately supported by appropriate recent literature (5)


Good clear summary of the main ideas/points/issues

Clearly related to the topic

No new ideas introduced in the conclusion

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