Each memo should inform your colleagues of the ethical problem, your decision, and the reasons for your choice. Please be sure to consider your audience.
The memo will include: a. Background of the problem: This statement should contain sufficient detail so that the others on the team know what the problem is, but should not contain any confidential information. The statement should also clearly present the values in conflict in the problem. b.Statement of decision: In a sentence, clearly and concisely state your decision. c.Reasons for the decision: In the next paragraph, give the reasons for your decision. As this is an ethical analysis, the reader should be able to see which ethical framework or which ethical principles you are using to come to your decision. However, the words you choose should not be technical, such as “this decision is reversible because. …” Rather, you might say, “As each of us considers how we would like to be treated in a similar situation. …” d. Forward-looking conclusion: The final sentences should be a summary that builds relationships with the other team members and your constituents, leaves the door open for further conversation, and tells the reader what the decision means for him or her.

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