In this paper, you need to demonstrate an understanding of the causes and effects of terrorism. Furthermore, your policy proposal needs to be realistic in terms of achieving its goal (the crease) and in terms of ability for implementation.
The provided paper structure needs to be followed. This means using the same (first-level) section headings. Also, make sure that you use transitions effectively between sections; they aid the reader in understanding how the current information fits in the entire paper.
As with all writing in this course, the course style guide needs to be followed. This includes the need for proper grammar, spelling, and academic style. Make sure that you format your references and citations correctly. Finally, make sure you consistently and effectively use all sources.

Paper structure
The paper itself will have the following (first-level) sections:
I. Introduction
The purpose of the introduction is to motivate the reader to spend time reading your work. Thus, this section will briefly explain why the terrorist group is important, why the current counter-terrorism techniques are not working, and why your proposed techniques will work. In this section, too, you will need to prove the group is a terrorist group. This means you need to use the definition of terrorism. Do not simply rely on the group being listed as a terrorist group by some organization. Prove they are a terrorist group. Finally, at the end of the introduction, you outline the rest of the paper. This is the same thing you do in any introduction—any. By the end of the introduction, the reader should know your point and how you will prove it.
II. History
This section provides a history of the terrorist group. In this history, you will also need to include the events that led to the formation of that group. I expect you to heavily rely on Crenshaw 1981 to help you focus on the important events in the group’s formation.
III. Demands
In this section, you provide the group’s demands. You should also determine if those demands are reasonable and if they are possible.
IV. Terrorist activities
What major terrorist acts has the group done in the past. Do not just give a list of events. Tell the story of the major events and their effects. The first paragraph of this section needs to be an overview of the “typical” terrorist attack by the group. I want to see the word “typical.”
V. Counter-terrorist activities
What has the State and/or the international community done to eliminate this terrorist group? Evaluate the effectiveness of the major counter-terrorist initiatives focused on this group. This means: What worked, what did not work, and why?
VI. Policy proposal
Since the group still exists, the counter-terrorist activities have not worked. What would you do differently? What would the effects of your proposal have on the State, citizens, and international community? Is your proposal realistic; that is, would the State implement your proposal if they knew about it?
VII. Conclusion
The purpose of the conclusion is to summarize the paper, emphasize the proposal, and leave us with a desire to implement it.

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