(a) Develop an Assessment Task- Practical based on the NSW BOSTES National Curriculum, that focuses on the integration of digital technology in the laboratory for a Year 7 (Stage 4) Science class.

(b) Provide Syllabus outcomes in your guidelines and refer to different sources as references.

(c) Justify the task by describing its context within a unit of work.

The handout should cover the following areas:

• The problem to be investigated;

• The design of the investigation that allows valid and reliable data and information to be collected;

• Identification of the most appropriate equipment (technology) needed to undertake the investigation;

• The conduct of the investigation (providing details of the time involved and where and how the data will be collected and recorded);

• How the data will be processed;

• How the results of the investigation will be communicated; and

• How the findings and investigation plan could be evaluated.

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