Case Study

In today’s information-based economy, information is taken as power and control. To get the right information at the right time to the right people through the right channel is vital in any organization’s decision making processes. Network communication is one of the domains which are pivotal to the information and communication technology. A computer network involves many devices/media responsible for sharing (sending and receiving) data utilizing the transmission media. The internet is an example of such a network which spans globally.
Apparently, the practical realization, management, maintenance, delegation, security and standards etc. of any network are the key challenges.
Assume that Glob-i-FMC is a UK based Financial Management Consultancy Company having its branches in operation over many countries in Europe, Asia and Australia. Recently the company has been successful to obtain the management consultancy of two major national banks in Japan. In line with this, next month the company is going to establish a Tokyo based office consisting of admin, accounts, finance, research department each consisting of 15, 18, 42 and 35 employees respectively. The proposed site consisting of four floors in a multi-storeyed building has already been acquired in the heart of the city.

Description of the problem to be solved

Assume that you have been working as a network consultant in the company and based at headquarter in London and have been temporarily deployed to produce a plan & design document to set-up a network equipping the proposed office with a file server, intranet server, mail server and connectivity to the head office. Additionally, you are also required to document a list and specification of the required network technologies, network hardware etc. (in the context of switch engineering).
Your plan and design document should address the following issues clearly with proper suggestions substantiated by right justification in the context of switch engineering.


1. Internetwork communication with other partners and stakeholders.
[Assessment Criterion: 1.a, 1.b]

2. Selection of network devices, switched network design, implementation and configuration.
[Assessment Criterion: 1.b, 1.c]

3. Ensuring network security, Virtual LANs and security issues, routing and multilayer switching.
[Assessment Criterion: 2.a, 2.b, 2.c, 3.a, 3.b]

4. Ensuring high level of network performance and smooth operation.
[Assessment Criterion: 1.b, 3.a, 3.b, 3.c, 3.d]

5. Secured implementation of smooth wireless network access/operation, management and monitoring. [Assessment Criterion: 4.a, 4.b, 4.c, 4.d]

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