Write two study reports to further explore two of the following three SCM areas:

1. Discuss the trends of global supply chain development; explore and summarise one real-world case through literatures; discuss your understanding of the key objectives, business environmental factors, processes; summarise the major advantages of having a globalised supply chain, considering the areas of cost saving, collaboration, partnership, market responsiveness, customer services and so on.

2. Explore the conceptual dimensions of “supply chain cost”; categorising the costs arising from different aspects of supply chain and its management activities; summarise some key cost management approaches that can tackle the supply chain cost more effectively including (but not limited to) ‘total acquisition cost’ and ‘total cost of ownership’; discuss further how might social and environmental costs be considered.

3. Explain what are the supply chain uncertainties and supply chain risks; explore some already established theories and practices in managing risks, referencing to some relevant literatures; discuss the phenomena and behaviour of the Forrester Effect as one of the models for demand uncertainty; further explore the countermeasures of Forrester Effect.

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