Context for this assessment task

Statistics show that despite substantial government spending on Indigenous education, there are still serious differences in the educational outcomes achieved by Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians (Gray & Beresford, 2008). Many writers claim that policies that aim to close this gap for Australian Indigenous students will only achieve successful educational outcomes if schools and teachers acknowledge and address the impact that the past has had on the present for these students (Gray & Beresford, 2008; Vass, 2012; Ford, 2012).

Structure and expectations for your written response

Write a response of no more than 1500 words that clearly establishes your perspective on the contextual information provided above. Your response should use references to course readings to show your knowledge and understanding of the impact of past and present representations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and government policy on race relations between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

Your response must also include your own personal reflections on the impact of a shared Australian history and your own cultural background on the attitudes and views you have formed of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as students and learners.

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