Project analysis
In this assignment, you are required to carry out two major tasks: (1) develop a work breakdown structure (WBS) for the selected project; (2) identify project stakeholders and perform stakeholder analysis of the selected project.
Developing a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
Assuming you are the contractor undertaking the project you have selected, you are required to develop a WBS using the approach set out by the Project Management Institute. Please refer to the Project Management Institute’s Practice Standard for Work Breakdown Structures for further reference. This book is available online through Griffith Library. The link is provided under Assignment 1 folder on L@G.
There are a number of commercial drawing tools that you can use to create a WBS diagram such as MS Visio and MS Word.
Identifying project stakeholders and performing project stakeholder analysis
For this task, you have to identify and describe the main primary and secondary stakeholders of the project. Based on the stakeholders identified, you are required to further conduct a stakeholder analysis using a stakeholder matrix, and justify why stakeholders are placed in a certain quadrant.

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