write-up on the StockTrack experience till date. (Samsung, Toyota, Sony, Apple,& Disney).

Remember the report should be logical, start with a brief (approximately 2 lines) introduction explain your investment philosophy. Introduce the reader 2-3 sentences on what follows in the report. Tie your report together with a conclusion about overall portfolio performance, your future plans, what worked and what did not. This should include the following: Rationale for each transaction: Reasons supporting the logic of your transaction. This should be in-line with your investment philosophy. Any deviations should be clearly explained. A table showing weekly trades: security, industry, key financials like P/E, risk, etc. that you used. A table showing risk and return characteristics of individual securities and overall portfolio. Short-sale details; logic and monitoring if any. Is the initial logic of shorting the security still relevant? Why or why not? Portfolio risk and return characteristics: You should have a table showing risk and return metrics. Have one row for each week. Tie this together with body of your report explaining the metrics.

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