1. Prepare a customer journey map of your Lyft experience in accordance with the enclosed step-­‐by-­‐step guideline. Some elements you should consider in your work are: -­‐ Pain points (emotional low) -­‐ Steps have the most opportunity for improvement -­‐ Friction -­‐ Consistency/inconsistency between the offline and the online parts of the experience 2
2. Describe your levels of safety and comfort in the ride. How different was it
comparing to a cab ride? Did you find the mechanisms Lyft created to establish
trust between you and the driver sufficient?
3. “I think people are craving real human interaction—it’s like an instinct. We
now have the opportunity to use technology to help us get there.” (Lyft cofounder
John Zimmer). Do you agree with Zimmer? Do you feel your Lyft ride reflected
this notion? If so, how?
4. Did your Lyft experience reflect the Lyft’s tagline “your friend with a car”? If
so, what parts of the experience reflected it in particular?
5. Does Lyft have elements of a cooperative human system? What would you
recommend Lyft to do to make it a more effective one?
6. Based on your experience, what is the most important value ride sharing has to
offer? Do you believe most Lyft customers use it due to extrinsic or intrinsic

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