You are required to write an essay that will be presented as a speech. The essay will act as a research proposal plan that will give insight into: the research topic, the information gathered and the difficulties along the way. The aim of this essay is to show that your topic is viable from available PRIMARY materials and that it is worthy of study from a historical viewpoint for the final research assignment due at the end of the year.
You are to come up with an essay topic that focuses on: Sir Joseph banks and the experiences he had on the Endeavour Voyage (1768-1771).
You might want to look at and briefly discuss questions such as: experiences and effects of contact with different cultures, the different foods that where found and eaten, how items were collected and researched, or any other question you can come up with. Note the questions you wish to look at must relate with one another in some way, shape or form.
Within the essay you are required to:
1. Introducing the topic: explain its background – what is it all about – what problem are you addressing – why is it important?
2. Describing your sources and methods – what are they; how are you using them?
3. Historical thinking on the topic. Are there any debates you are addressing, are there any existing interpretations ?
4. What progress have you made; what are your preliminary findings or hypotheses?, have you had any problems?

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