Resources to help the family and community cope with this debilitating disease. ethical, legal, political and cultural concerns, health stats. and health issues of at risk populations. Explore interventions strategies that have been used to address the issue and their effectiveness. Specifically identify and discuss interventions at all 3 levels of prevention: primary, secondary and tertiary.


1)Field Research, Project & Analysis Continue topic in community and thru interview of 2 professionals in Medical field. 1 must be a nurse. Investigate services for addressing the problems identified in the lit. review & challenges faced by both clients & professionals. Interview: focus on goals and effectiveness of svcs, challenges presented by the current health care sys., political, cultural & economic issues, etc.

2) Identify community agencies which are active in addressing health & social issues of the people directly affected by the issue under study. Choose 1 agency & meet with a rep. to explore the agency’s goal & identify barriers to success. Identify svc activities which will benefit the community/family. Ex: developmental of edu. & a new program, materials or health policies, food, public relations, advocacy or comm.-bldg activities. Ex. writing a article for the community paper or promoting a health awareness drive. Describe the learning project & rationale.

3) Analysis: synthesize the learning exp., including discussion of the role of the nurse in developing holistic care of communities facing the identified health threats. Include recommendations for future directions in nursing, health care, research and health policies.


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