• What significant life experiences are mentioned by the person in this case study?

• What were the key factors that contributed to his ill-health?

• What do you think about the reasons given that made him face his mortality?

• In discussing the events that changed his life, do you believe that his story is possible, or plausible, for all Aboriginal people?

• What experiences with the health system can you identify?

• As a health professional in your area of study, what do you think would be your professional point of view and how would your chosen profession contribute to the treatment of diabetes and the well-being of the person such as Mr Russell Nelly at this point in his life.

• What does the term empowerment mean to you? Identify the elements that have empowered you as an individual student.

• Are you aware of the values underlying your health profession which define your code of conduct?

• What significant insights as a health professional have you gained through this case study?

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