What is technology? Technology refers to the way machines, tools, systems, techniques and crafts have been modified with the aim of making work easier. The use of technology has adverse impact on both human beings and animals in terms of how they have control over their surroundings. Technology is very important especially if a country embraces it because of the many advantages it comes with in terms of production and development (Arthur, 2007).h
With all the technology Colorado had employed in the early development, the region developed extensively through in the past which led to the establishment of the state. As the state continued to develop, more people started to flock in the region with the intention of becoming miners during the Gold rush era after some precious minerals were discovered. The advancing technology in Colorado made some of the people to become permanent settlers and as a result some towns were established. The strong agricultural foundation and well establised economy was the backbone that led to the growing population of people in the state. (Mehls, 1984).
There were political divisions in the newly established town because some sort of insecurity developed between the new settlers and the people who were there from the previous years. Technology played a major role in the state that led to an increase of agricultural activities at the same time employment was created for those that wanted to do agricultural activities. The state also became famous because of the kind of modern buildings that were being constructed from the cutting edge technology that was used.
Ever since Gold mining started in the early 1850s,the state continuously developed and established to what it is today because of the number of people who flocked in the state in search of job opportunities. During the period 1858-1859, the Gold was being extracted by using shovels and pans as tools and as it began to cease on the top layer, prospectors found that it was very difficult to obtain Gold using these tools and they decided to abandon them. To obtain Gold from raw ore, the prospectors encouraged people to do smelting which was one of the innovations that had developed as a result of technology (Ubbelohde, Benson & Smith 1976).
The smelting innovation made the process of extracting Gold in the mines of Colorado an easy task. The process of smelting came to the rescue of mining Gold because it enabled the miners to extract gold easily from the hard ores. The smelting process also played a major role in making sure that the gold that is obtained is clean with no impurities. This was one of the best things that happened to Colorado since its economy grew drastically which made more people to settle in the state.
During the Gold Rush period that became vital in the late 1800s, the construction of railroads commenced which was aided by Colorado Central Railroad Company (Abbott, McCoy & McLeod, 2007). The railroad construction was very important because it helped Gold miners to easily transport the ores from one place to another which was also not that expensive compared to what they were previously using. The railroad was eventually expanded whereby it linked other national rail networks. These railway lines covered all the major mines in Colorado like the Idaho Springs, Black Hawk and Central City.
It is very evident that technology does wonders to many states because without the technology that was present in Colorado during the 1800s the state would have never developed to what it is now. Up to today, the state continues to mine Gold and all is made possible with the kind of innovations and technology employed.
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