The paper  answers all these following questions:
1, Biological community interactions:
What does it eat? what eats it, including diseases and parasites? with what does it
compete, and how strongly? does it form mutualisms with other organisms? how critical
are those for successful production of the products we desire?
2. Water and energy requirements
How much water is required to grow rainier cherries and to process it into the desired
products? what is the source of the water and how is it applied? how can water be
used more efficiently in producing it? how much energy is required to grow and process
it? what is the source of that energy(types of fuels, power supple, heating energy,etc.)
how could the energy supply be cleaner or more efficient in producing it?
3. Role in local food system
Identify several examples of who in the Pacific Northwest produces this item. who processes it? who markets and sells it? how is it transported between these sites? how much is produced and what is its economic importance? how much is grown elsewhere? can you find evidence that production and/or demand is increasing in the Pacific Northwest region?

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