Question 1: Simulating From The Sampling Dis- tribution and Interval Estimates (12 Marks)
 The Washington Post has published an app that simulates the spread of various diseases, including Ebola. It can be found at the following link:  Each run of the simulation generates a sample of 100 infected individuals and the corresponding number of deaths from each disease. Generate 25 samples and record the number of simulated deaths from Ebola and SARS as well as the number of days it takes for each disease to infect 100 individuals. Look at your data and report any immediate features that you perceive. (4 Marks)
 Compute a histogram of the proportion of deaths that result from Ebola and a histogram of the number of days it takes for Ebola to infect 100
individuals. If you were able to observe an in nite number of samples, what shape would you expect your histogram of the proportion of deaths
to look like? Would the same be true for the histogram of the number of days? Why? (5 Marks)

 Some news agencies have reported that Ebola kills 90% of those infected. Evaluate this claim using your data set and con dence intervals. Provide your reasoning and state your conclusion. (3 Marks)
Question 2: Hypothesis Testing (8 Marks)
 Joey Walnut is a champion competitive eater known for his unique cup-cake eating technique. Speaking at a press conference in the lead-up to
the coming competitive eating season, Joey claims that his cupcake eating technique will allow him to consume an average of 50 cupcakes in 5
minutes.  Frame Joey’s claim in the language of statistics and specify the way in which you would go about testing Joey’s claim as well as the data you would require to perform the test. (3 Marks)
 Suppose that immediately after Joey’s claim, his manager steps in and asserts that Joey would be able to consume more than 50 cupcakes in 5
minutes on average. How would this change your test? (2 Marks)
 Following Joey’s press conference, his arch rival Wakeru Sobayashi decides to hold a press conference of his own in which he claims to have developed his own cupcake eating technique that will beat Joey’s average by 3 cup-cakes. Frame Sobayashi’s claim in the language of statistics and specify the way in which you would go about testing Sobayashi’s claim as well as the data you would require to perform the test. (3 Marks)
Question 3: Bias and Consistency (5 Marks)
 You are a junior analyst at a wealth management fund responsible for evaluating the riskiness of various stocks and portfolios. One day, your
boss sends you a data set of weekly returns on number of di erent stocks and asks you to compute a measure of variability for each stock using the
formula =

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