From the baseball diamond to the capital building numbers are an important part of our lives. In this assignment you are to identify and examine a policy number that you find interesting. You might be fascinated by the influence this number has on policy decision or because it serves as an indicator of a concept or relationship you deem important. In a concise 750-word profile, consider:

Description – Identify the indicator. What concept does it operationalize? What are the underlying data, who collects it, and how often?

Distribution: If possible, include a trend or distribution representing the number. How, if at all, does representing the distribution inform how the indicator is interpreted?

Development – Where did the number come from and why? Have the underlying methodology, how the number is reported, or the number’s audience changed?

Why the number is interesting? – Explain why the indicator is interesting. What issues does it draw attention to – what issues might it obscure?

Here are some examples of possible policy numbers you could examine:

-Blood pressure
-Carbon footprint
-Consumer confidence
-Crime rate
-Hospital quality indicators
-Olympics medal counts
-Poverty line
SAT scores
-Speed limit

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