Our Professional Proofreading Service ensures that your academic paper is well written and meets all the guidelines and instructions from your tutor. Proofreading generally makes the difference between good and poor writing. When your work is proofread by professionals you get rid of all errors no matter how small or hidden.
We will make sure that you get all the professional help and you will not even believe that the draft we give is your own piece of work.

Our editors are proficient with:
• Correcting grammar, spelling and punctuation errors
• Improving the sentence structure;
• Formatting of paragraphs
• Formatting the reference style.

Proofreading identifies the typing errors, misspell words, wrong sentence constructions and other errors in your essay.

The following is a list which shows what our proofreading service doesn’t provide.
• No additional research
• No additional writing
• No calculations or problem solving
• No additional references

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