According to a study by Curry (1994), there is a direct relationship between library media centers and a school’s reading level performance.  The School Media Center sets the tone for reading in a school.  How can media specialists ensure that they have provided the best support for literacy within a school?  Write an eight- to ten- page summative paper (not including title and reference pages) including how you would address the issues of reading development, book selection, technology usage, teacher support, motivation and parental involvement such that each of these components is well supported by valid theory and research.

  • Reading development- Describe how you would ensure that students are reading books at their developmental level while growing in their ability to master higher level text.  Explain how you will include metacognitive strategies in reading instruction.
  • Book Selection- Explain how you would include thematic literature units, literacy circles, guided reading, and critical reading.  Describe what other strategies are dependent upon book selection.
  • Technology usage- Examine the best practices in helping students find relevant materials, which they can read and understand, on the internet in order to do informational research.
  • Teacher support- Explain what reading strategies would best support teachers in the classroom. Discuss how you might partner with a teacher in order to help a struggling reader.
  • Motivation- Describe how would you motivate students to use the media center. Analyze the best practices in developing life-long readers.
  • Parental involvement- Identify strategies you could present to parents so that they could help their children read at home?

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