To: Project Management Consultancy From: CEO of the Zoo
Subject: Strategy Required to Improve Project Management Outcomes
In light of your recent appointment as Project Manager for the Zoo Relocation Project, we would like to engage your consultancy to help improve the way we manage projects. In recent years the Zoo has undertaken a larger number of projects of increasingly higher value. Yet despite our internal technical expertise and management capability, the number of projects delivered on time and within budget has declined.
Prior to the completion of the relocation, we would like your consultancy to present a proposal for the implementation of modern project management principles and processes throughout the organisation so that we can overcome our poor time and cost performance.
Your proposal will need to take into account current project management theory and respond to the following objectives:
1) Approved projects align with corporate strategy 2) Accountability and responsibility for projects is clearly defined 3) Organisational structure supports project organisation 4) Project processes and methodologies are standardised across all divisions 5) Recognised PM knowledge areas are integrated across the project lifecycle
To support your recommendations for some of these objectives, you may need to briefly analyse the existing structure for managing projects. You are free to make assumptions regarding the existing project management methodologies and maturity as long as you make them clear in the report.
The development of the new project culture should be implemented in several stages after the Zoo’s relocation, which you will need to identify in your proposal. Your proposal will need to be in the form of a ‘consultant’s report’ suitable for presentation to the Zoo’s Executive Board.
The required report structure shall be in accordance with the following sections:
Title Page Table of Contents 1. Introduction * 2. Discussion with Recommendations * 2.1. Alignment with Corporate Strategy * 2.2. Accountability & Responsibility * 2.3. Organisation Structure * 2.4. Project Processes + Methodologies * 2.5. Project Knowledge Areas * 3. Implementation Staging Plan* 4. Conclusion* 5. References Appendices (optional) Minutes of Team Meetings Please also note the following requirements for your report:

a) The first line of each section must identify the author of that section. b) Each of the sections listed above must start on a new page. c) Recommendations for each of the corporate objectives are to be included at the end of the respective sections or sub-sections. d) Sections 2.1 to 2.5 must each be supported with in-text references that correspond with items in the master Reference List. e) Only items marked * are to be included in the word count (excluding tables and figures)
Within the areas nominated, there may be many opportunities for our project management capability to be improved. We believe your contribution will be valuable and will lead to increased viability for the Zoo in the long-term.
We look forward to your report and recommendations.
Yours Sincerely,
CEO of the Zoo

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