1.Both Souza and Leone were fired for what they posted to Facebook. Should they have been surprised that their employers might read their postings? It is unknown if Colvin knew about or consented to having his picture posted to Facebook. What issues does this raise?
2.In both the Souza and Leone cases the employers did not give the employee an option to explain or appeal their decisions. Should they have?
3.Do you disagree with any of the actions of the employers in these cases? Why or why not?
4.Find another case (not in the text) that deals with privacy issues at work. Describe the facts of that case.
5.Compare and contrast the outcome of that case to the discussions cases regarding privacy.
6.If you were responsible for hiring employees, would you look to a Website such as Facebook to gather information about them, why or why not?
7.What type of information, if any would cause you to not hire a candidate?

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