The case focuses on Philippine Transmarine Carriers, a maritime staffing firm. Rather than identifying applicable course concepts on their own, in this practice case, the professor will provide applicable course content and students will be asked to describe how the content may be employed to better understand organizational behavior challenges at PTC. Students will use the recommended
course content to respond to a number of short answer questions.

1. Describe some HRM practices at PTC that encourage commitment. Explain whether each of these encourages affective, continuance, or normative types commitment and explain how you know that it does so. Also discuss the role of perceived organizational support. Remember that some HRM functions may encourage multiple types of commitment. Use course concepts and use examples of each type of commitment. (15 points)
2. Describe some challenges at PTC that discourage commitment. Explain whether each challenge discourages affective, continuance, or normative commitment and explain how you know it does so. Remember that some challenges may discourage multiple types of commitment. (15 points)
3. Use expectancy theory to help explain why Mariners at PTC are not highly motivated to advance in rank. What part(s) of expectancy theory is/are missing (expectancy, instrumentality, and/or balance) and explain how you know. For example: they are good at this but this is missing… And explain what is missing. (20 points)
4. Imagine that you were working as a HRM consultant for PTC. Describe one idea you have for how PTC man encourage employees to stay, advance in rank, or both.
Explain which course concepts are most strongly related to your suggestions (look for relevant materials relating to commitment, motivation, satisfaction, etc.). Be sure to use course concepts to explain why you think your suggestions are likely to work. (50 points)
a. Select a course concept that you think is relevant for solving the problems described above and describe how the course concept is reflected in the case
b. Explain how understanding the course concept may help PTC to achieve the goal or goals described above in question four

c. Explain how your suggestion relates to the course concept

d. Explain in practical terms how do you expect your suggestion to improve things at PTC

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