Some people call the founder of Wikileaks and Snowden traitors; others hail them as heroes. This is a similar dilemma in the play Antigone. The question in the play is who is right or more right, Creon or Antigone? Keep in mind that Antigone as a character represents the rights of the individual; after all, we have the Bill of Rights in our constitution which gives us freedom of speech, the right to assemble, the right to practice religion as we see fit; Antigone represents those rights. Creon, on the other hand, represents the needs or rights of the state, of the government, to preserve itself. We all have laws we have to abide by whether we like them or not. Creon sets a punishment for Antigone to discourage treason in his state. Who is more right? Why? Choose to support in your argument Edward Snowden and Antigone, for example. Or choose to defend Creon and the U. S. Governement against Snowden. Or choose Wikileaks to defend or attack along with Antigone or Creon.
You may even use an older example of this situation by choosing Rosa Parks as a person breaking the law.
Remember this is an argumentative essay. Use pathos, logos, and ethos we studied in “Letter from Birmingham Jail” in arguing your point-of-view.

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