1. Explain the concept of “collective goods”. Explain the concept of “collective actions”.
  2. Define the term “republic” and explain how it applies or does not apply to the USA.
  3. Explain the concept of transaction cost and develop your own application of a transaction cost.
  4. What is the “Magna Carta”? Is it important in American law?  If so, explain how it is used in American law.
  5. By 1732 all the American colonies had limited self -government. Explain the concept of limited self-government as it applied at that time.
  6. What are the Articles of Confederation? Give an example of one power they created.
  7. Explain the Virginia Plan. Explain the New Jersey Plan.  Explain the Great Compromise.
  8. List at least two powers that are in the Articles of Confederation that are transferred to the Constitution.
  9. Jefferson wanted more individual rights written into the Constitution, yet Madison opposed that by insisting that a strong government was needed. Why did Madison take the position opposed to more rights in the Constitution?  What was the result of their argument?
  10. Where in the Constitution is the right to judicial review listed? Cite your location.
  11. Define “federalism”. List three items in you immediate possession from at least three of the levels of federalism and which level they relate to.
  12. Explain the use of the “elastic clause” and why it is so important.
  13. Explain the purpose of the Tenth Amendment.
  14. What is the difference between a block grant and a grant-in-aid? How and why are they used?
  15. Explain the significance of the Dred Scott Supreme Court decision?
  16. What is the 1964 Civil Rights Act? Explain its significance and which groups in the country are most directly impacted by this legislation.
  17. Define “racial profiling” and how it is used in society today. Is this legal or not? Explain your answer.
  18. When and by what means do women gain the right to vote. Explain what legal methods were used and how this right has changed politics.
  19. List and explain the amendments to the Constitution which create the right to privacy.

How does the Bill of Rights apply to the states?

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