Students will then create a page for each term following the guidelines below.
Description: Provide a short description (a paragraph or two) of the term, including definitions, background or other related information.
Applications: Describe how the term is positioned or applied in the context of health informatics.
Web resources: Provide web resources where the additional information about the term can be found.
Related terminology: Provide related terms.
Citations/references: Provide citations/references of your resources of developing the wiki term. You need to properly cite this information in the text of the posting, as well.
Graphics: Provide images related to the term. Note the source of the image, as well.

You are not allowed to copy sentences or descriptions from original resources to the posting, even with quotations. You need to write your own description/definition of the terms and cite the resources in the text.

Additional Instructions.

Add at least 4 additional resources to the posting.
Revising the original content based on what you find.
At least one third of information in the posting should be your writing/posting.

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