I have always had a major interest in Pharmacy as a career because of the strong impact it upholds to the society itself. The career has become directly involved with individuals in the society mostly the patients. Hence enabling easy availability of the services needed to the people. I have dully undertaken and familiarized myself with the necessary skills that are largely helpful to pharmacy as a career.
My consequent quest in drug composition, the physical and chemical properties of the same have laid a strong desire for me to pursue and venture in the pharmacy industry as a career. Moreover my exponential will to eradicate the suffering of people in the community through effective and efficient healthcare inspires me to venture into a profession that will enable me to apply my skills in a much enhanced broader perspective. Hence through my previous academic years, unpaid assistant, specialized and research experiences I have greatly been able to recognize and expand ideas and skills that are important in helping me achieve my goals of becoming a prominent and efficient pharmacist.
The great love and passion I have for sciences automatically reflects my effort and dedication to my courses in college. It is through college that I have developed the vital qualities needed for a doctor of pharmacy degree student. My broad knowledge in chemistry and biology will help me understand industrial pharmacy and improve areas that respectively include researching, creation and introduction of new drugs hence laying a strong foundation for the scientific knowledge. Manufacturing process of drugs has always remained a mystery in the private sector. Thus I have managed to visit a manufacturing company and witnessed the necessity of drug manufacturing generally on an industrial aspect and the possible importance of the drugs on the larger population. All these experiences have expanded my growth to different opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry as well as how to deal positively with patients, fellow supporters and researchers, all these being very vital attributes for a career in pharmacy.
Having the ability to stand up in front of people and explain to them the key important ideas and principals in the industry proves that I have confidence and efficient communication skills. I believe that the communication skills and confidence will acutely aid me in one on one communication with the people within the community in regard to seeking help in allocating them the correct and right type of medicine. The kind of feedback I have received during my regular class hours and while performing voluntary services in the community based organizations have further enhanced my due willingness to further consolidate and expand my knowledge regarding pharmacy.

Having known pharmacy as career is more of an enlightment to me and this still servers to keep me highly motivated as to the rise and progress of my career goals and objective in the pharmacy industry. Moreover my academics background, professional background, research and volunteer experiences that I have adopted have sharply enabled me to maximize on the attributes that are most essential and relevant to a pharmacist. All these include being passionate, analytical, amiable, concerned, and committed to the pharmacy as a profession. I have been much very devoted to further these attributes through my learning and I am humbly encouraged and determined to continue with the same spirit as a doctor of pharmacy student and aspiring pharmacist.

As a student pursuing a career in pharmacy my main objective will be to attain the needed level of competency and increase capacity to bring about the same level of development and change more so the ability to win the confidence and trust of both my fellow colleagues in this field and the members of the community at large who I am bound to serve diligently.
Therefore as an aspiring pharmacist I envision joining the career and being part of it fully.

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