We know that nursing care should be ‘patient-centered’, but what does that really mean? How can you as the nurse assure that your nursing care is indeed patient-centered? You will use a number of resources to develop your personal philosophy regarding patient-centered care. You are required to use a nursing reference (see below) which will help you refine your definition of patient-centered care. You will also want to reflect on your personal experiences (or those of your family and friends) to provide examples of how patient-centered care was delivered (or not). This paper should reflect your ideas on this topic not a regurgitation of the literature that you have read. Your outline might look like:
A.Define patient centered care
B.Give examples your experiences of how patient centered care has (or has not) been delivered
C.Explore your ideas of what patient centered care is. . .how will you assure that you are practicing patient centered care.

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