Core Athletics is a mult sporting company that is set to sell more than a 1000 memberships by the end of the year while organizing and developing various sports leagues that will help in marketing the company. The company plans to have 7 leagues twice a year with each league having 8 to 12 teams. The company also plans to support and sponsor community events in the first year of their operations so that more and more people will get to know about the sporting facility. The sporting facility also intends to show at least a 5% return to their investors at the end of the year.
Strategy and Implementation
The sporting facility happens to be one of a kind and hence will provide to almost everybody in the area. It has a competitive edge that cannot be matched by any other. For starters, there is no other facility that offers the same services and secondly, its location, size and its appearance is on point. The facility intends to market itself through various channels of the media and these are the radio, media advertisements like TV ads, ads on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter not to mention hosting some events. Core Athletics is also planning to have various membership options that will see to it that everybody has been catered for.
Technology Plan
Core Athletics plans to have state of the art equipment not to mention that there will also be IT facilities. The facility will be managed using software that will store information about all the people that have been enrolled as members.  Core Athletics will also have a website that will be updated every time there will be an event. A blog will also be available to keep the website fresh and enticing. There will be CCTV cameras in the entire place for security purposes. There will be internet hotspots in the whole facility for those who want to surf as they watch the game.

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