For this assignment you are to identify the five stages indicated in the book and relate them to someone whom you know died. Talked about each stage and what it was like for the individual and its impact on the family. Many people will experience all 5 stages, however some may experience less than 5.

Describe the stages of death or dying, as presented by Dr. E. Kubler‑Ross.  What are the symptoms?  Give some examples of the indicative phrases, etc… How may one help another pass through each of these stages?  What cautions should be made concerning the adequacy and applicability of Dr. Ross’ analysis or of any theory concerning the feelings of those who are approaching death?  Be somewhat extensive in your presentation.  Does a person need special training to help someone believed to be close to death? What are the alternative modes for caring for those who are believed to be close to death ? What are Hospices?  Will Hospices help?  Are they necessary?  Are they essential?  Four page minimum

For this assignment you are to develop a training course for hospital personnel to work in hospice care. Using what you’ve learned from the book. Setup & Identify how you would trained the personnel, what would be included (ie, equipment, manuals, teachers, etc.), and a description of what they will be taught.
How has this book affected you (explain in detail)? What did you learn that could be useful in your own life or professional life and how could you use it? What things did Kubler-Ross talk about that you agree with and what did you disagree with, and why. What parts of the book were difficult for you and what parts did you enjoy, and why. What would you include in an updated version of the book, and why? Four page minimum

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