1.What is a Professional Nurse: What is the definition of nursing and what does this definition mean to you? What does it mean to be a professional nurse? What characteristics do you consider to be essential for a professional nurse?
2.Nursing Roles: How do you believe the public perceives nursing and the various roles nurses play? What are three other roles nurses do that the public might not be aware of and give examples. Include any of the nursing theorists that we have studied in the course as one of your role models.
3.Nursing Responsibilities: The responsibilities of a professional nurse are not always understood by the general public. Nurses are often seen on the sidelines taking and following doctor’s orders. Describe three responsibilities that nurses hold that the public might not be aware of and give examples. You must add one or more of the QSEN competencies as one of your responsibilities.
4..Professional Nursing Values: As a professional nurse, you are to set standards or values which will be the foundation of your nursing practice. Describe at least three core values or standards (please include actions or behaviors) that you will pledge to keep during your nursing career. (Scan the Essentials of Baccalaureate Education for Professional Nursing Practice document for ideas)
5.Conclusion: Summarize. In your end remarks, what lasting impression should you leave on your audience? What did you learn out from this exercise that you would want to adopt or live by during your nursing career?

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