My proposed area of study is Muslim women development through fighting for their rights and equality in Muslim-dominated countries such as Morocco, Kuwait, and Malaysia. The research will be looking at the social and political rights of the Muslim women in these countries ( Comparative Study).
Moreover, since the women are treated as sub-humans in these regions, the paper will also look at the ways that the Islamic women feminist movements are taking to rectify the situation by championing equal rights and justice. By comparing the activities and how the Muslim women are treated in the three countries, the research will come up with a conclusion and recommend on the ways, the women should be ready to fight for equality in both social and political life.
All over the Muslim world, an upsurge of feminist reaction is increasing among women that are looking forward to reclaiming Qoran and Islam for themselves. For many years, most of the women believed that they had to decide between their belief in equality and their Muslim personality. Hence, it was an unattainable option, one that concerned betraying feminist perception or their Islamic faith. The research will be able to answer the following questions:
Will the Muslim women in these countries be able to achieve equal treatment as men in the future in both social and political arenas?
What is the take from men concerning Muslim feminist movements in these countries?
Please do This paper as a comparative study between these three countries.

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