Identify a current article (less than 3 months) related to the concepts learned in Chapters 3-7. The source for your article must be an “acceptable” source. Acceptable sources include for example, New York Times, TIME, Business Week, and Houston Chronicle. This does not mean you are limited to this list, but please do NOT write your paper on the first, random article you find via Google searches.
Once you’ve selected and read your article, you must summarize the article in LESS than 1-page highlighting the key message and take-away points. It is up to you to evaluate what are the major points of the article.

The second page of this assignment requires you to APPLY the key message of the article to management principles.
1) Explain how your article relates to one of the management concepts you recently learned. Be sure to tell me WHAT concept you select. Be specific and use terminology from the text.
2) What can managers learn (or what knowledge can managers gain) from your article? Be sure to provide at least ONE example.

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