(a).Your topic of interest (b). Your chosen subject article name and URL.( C). The one sentence research statement as directly stated in the article. (D). Your one sentence research question from the statement without the addition of any other information. If you cannot find outside articles that compare and contrast with the subject article’s question then perhaps the chosen article is not controversial or stated well enough. So, choosing a subject article to analyze is very important.

Here are the steps: 1. Choose an MIS management topic of personal interest. 2. Find a statement or assertion within the article that needs to be verified for accuracy. 3. Develop a one sentence research question. The best way to do this is to write down the one sentence statement then turn it into a question. Generally, this can be done easily by just reordering the words. Be careful to not add anything else into the question. If the question is about moving company data to the cloud, for example, there is no need to expand on that topic with other words, variables, or personal thoughts. Put the question in a really small box and close the lid to extraneous information. 4. Find thee pro and three con outside articles useful to determining if the research question you developed can be validated. Write your research project in a compare and contrast mode such as A agrees with B or A disagrees with B and state how or why. Justify your findings. No opinions please. 6. Write what you found (findings) and then a conclusion using supporting evidence in your research. Based on your analysis are you able to support or reject the basis of the research question. Now that we have an MIS management article, a question, and outside references that help to discern the accuracy of the question.

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