Research the impact of private and government-controlled healthcare system today and how it affects each individuals and households. What is the pros and con of privatized health care vs. government-controlled health care as they relate to income of each individual and households? How do the costs of health care affects taxes, and other government programs of each individual and households?

write an essay about the many examples of applications of microeconomic principles in the real world. The essay will have an introduction, at least six paragraphs on six different examples, and a conclusion summing up your major findings. Your essay must demonstrate understanding of the following concept: a) Demand, Supply and Markets, b) Elasticity, and c) just one paragraph applying the concept of opportunity cost, marginal analysis and cost-benefit analysis.
You may draw from examples in your personal life, from radio and news reports, newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Times, periodicals such as The Economist and Business Week.

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