1. Investigate and outline the prevalence/incidence of Depression or Postnatal Depression (depending on the scenario you have chosen) in Australia – Your answer needs to cover: hospitalisations, gender, age groups and specific risk groups.

2. Using current literature discuss TWO (2) factors that may have contributed to the development of either Sally or Marie’s mental illnesses.

3. Using current literature discuss TWO (2) ethico-legal issues related to your scenario.

4. Identify TWO (2) nursing/midwifery problems with evidence from your chosen scenario- Your risk identification should be focused on the next 1-5 days of nursing/midwifery care for Sally or Marie.

5. For each nursing/midwifery problem you have identified in Question 4, outline and describe TWO (2) evidenced based nursing/midwifery interventions and rationales – Your interventions should be focused on nursing/midwifery care for Sally or Marie over the next 1-5 days. Each intervention and rationale must be supported by current literature

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