Key aspects and task:

• Learning organization & organizational learning – get familiar with the topic

• Leadership – get familiar with the difference between “leadership” and “manager”

• Read the statement of student and instructor

• Answer than following key-questions → discuss and argue academically in three paragraphs:

o Paragraph 1: There is perhaps too much emphasis on the traditional roles of management – planning, organization, control, etc. in business courses?

o Paragraph 2: Should more emphasis be placed on problem solving and innovation, for example, as we tend to do in entrepreneurship courses?

o Paragraph 3: What might be the learning implications of such a change?”

You do not have to explain leader or manager – as they are well known! You can use these aspect in your argumentation – but not explain.

Discuss the question from a MBA-program perspective. Keep in mind the aspect of tacit, cognitive and explicit knowledge – what does it need to gain these each? Is it possible to get this out of literature and journals?


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